See, how much You can save thanks cutting optimization !

Fast, easy elements optimization and cutting plan!



This is what we have been dealt you such a long time, now only takes a minute. Cutting wood panels, sheet metal, glass or stone sheets will not make any more difficult - especially since the program is designed to work with the most popular saws paneled.

Through Optimik:

make the most of each material the furniture plate glass, the log, sheet metal, cardboard, stone sheets, sills

you minimize waste, ensuring efficient optimization of cutting

quickly prepare each production order and any you group them by type (eg. Kitchen, office, etc..)

You can easily plan production by automatically counting the time needed for execution of the order

can modify the most important parameters - such as changing the amount of products or material change.



What Optimik users like very much in our software ?


Simple and intuitive, clean interface and the ability to group work are not the only advantages of this program. Optimik has the function of creating a block for cutting elements which are particularly useful in designing the faces of the drawers or sliding doors that must be preserved wood grain. The most appreciated feature is the option to create parametric models of furniture.