Remote Assistance is type of support which we provides from many years, in our company it is s a modern form of assistance where direct contact is not at all required, and time to help reduced to miniumum. (98% of the problems solved remotely)

For remote connections using one of the best programs of this type, namely TeamViewer. We chose this company because of innovation, speed, high configurability, and for very high security (Read the safety

What to do to recive support or presentation on-line

Training - presentation on line
  • 1Download application to training on-line - Training on line
  • 2 Teamviewer - szkolenia
  • 3 In field "Give name - Podaj nazwę" insert your name and click "Connect - Przyłącz się"
  • 4 You will be automaticcly connected to desktop of presetnation.
Support  on-line
  • 1Download application to support on-line - Support on-line
  • 2 Teamviwer - wsparcie
  • 3 Give "Your ID - Twój ID" out operator who give you help ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. lub 48 604-168-990)
  • 4 Operator connect to your desktop and help you.