As a supplier of reliable solutions, we know how important is the issue of the proper training.
It is through training you can get to know you purchased the product, learn how to effectively use the functions contained therein.
The basic form of training in our company is training remote session because of the fact that it is the fastest readily available and sufficient to have only access to the Internet. Therefore leaves a significant part of the costs associated with transport time spent on the access and so on.

This form, however, works only for training one person for a larger group of people, we recommend the traditional form of training.

To train professionally we have our own well equipped training center.



In the quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city on an area of ​​over 120 m2, we can confidently conduct training for 30 people.
Easy access and parking for customers or not a problem.
Clients who stay for the night provide preferential prices to the outstanding hotel "Trilogy in Zielonka".