Software designed for manufacturers of furniture



Corpus software

Corpus 4 is a software written by furniture manufacturers to  furniture manufacturers. This is not just another engineering CAD design furniture pads or dedicated special production for example. kitchen. Developers of company Tri D Corpus develop a program for the specific needs of manufacturers of furniture, even your if you do not find anything in the program (it will be hard:-)). So we can 100% say that the biggest creators of Corpus are not programmers, but more than 2,000 companies producing furniture. It is thanks to them that the program is responsive to each manufacturer and corresponds to his needs.

The benefits of using the program Corpus

It's an investment in your business development and step forward to stay ahead of the competition. When buying Corpus get a complete solution that will bring your company measurable financial benefits.


Save time and money where you can. Take the time to really important things, and Corpus will take care of:


  • Design of a 3D environment in real time
  • Secure the form of presentation of the project for the client
  • A professional and well-prepared an offer for the customer
  • The calculation of the cost of materials needed to produce
  • The technical documentation production
  • Optimising the cutting
  • Generate and transfer data for the CNC machines