Optimik Exporter !

Free, effective and fast tool

  for small service companies cutting elements!

Optimik Exporter is a small program that will allow your customers to submit electronic orders.

Through Optimik Exporter:

the customer is happy because can quickly and easily place an order - without getting stuck in traffic and tearing up the town o

order from the customer can immediately give you the production you do not have to rewrite anything - the customer is more satisfied because they quickly fulfill orders

do not prescribe the illegible pages, cards, faxes, etc. - avoid errors, your employees have more time

errors in the order they are always on the client side (because they do not prescribe:-))


Watch video about Optimik Exporter - which can be a simple



How to get started and set up?

  1. Download the installation file Optimik Exporter - Download
  2. Run your version of Optimik and create a base material for Optimik Exporter
  3. Send established a base on your FTP server
  4. Configure and share your version Optimik Exporter for customers
  5. Wait for the first order:-)

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